Get Balance

Get the balance of an account.

Request: requestType is getBalance account is the account ID


(S) unconfirmedBalanceNQT is the balanceNQT less unconfirmed outgoing transactions, the balance displayed in the client (S) guaranteedBalanceNQT is the balance (in NQT) of the account with at least 1440 confirmations (N) effectiveBalanceNXT is the balance of the account available for forging: the unleased guaranteedBalance of this account plus the leased guaranteedBalance of all lessors to this account (S) forgedBalanceNQT is the balance (in NQT) that the account has forged (S) balanceNQT is the minimally confirmed basic balance (in NQT) of the account (N) requestProcessingTime is the API request processing time (in millisec)

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