Place a sell order


Method: POST

Required fields:

  • method: This must be "putForSale”.

  • amountNQT: This must be "0”.

  • arg1: The price of NFT. For example: if you want to sell for 10 FRTS, enter 10 x 10^8 = 1000000000.

  • arg2: The ID of NFT. You can get NFT ID by calling "Get NFT By URI" API.

  • contractName: The created smart contract name. For example: "PFT".

  • secretPhrase: The passphrase of NFT owner.

  • feeNQT: This must be "0".

  • deadline: Transaction confirmation deadline. Suggested value is 1440.

--> You need to wait 2 blocks, NFT will be sold successfully.

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