Mint NFT

Method: POST
Required fields:
  • method: This must be "mint".
  • amountNQT: This must be "0".
  • arg1: The URI of NFT. This is a random number greater than -9223372036854775808, less than 9223372036854775807 and will not be minted successfully if it already matches an existing NFT. For example: "15654862454642". This URI is the link between metadata and NFT in the blockchain. Metadata is stored in a centralized server.
  • arg2: The Royalties rate. This rate is paid to the NFT creator. This must be a integer from 0 to 100. For example: A user sells a NFT by 100 FRTS. if Royalties rate is 5%, NFT creator will get 5 FRTS even if he is not a seller.
  • contractName: The created smart contract name. For example: "PFT".
  • secretPhrase: The passphrase of NFT owner.
  • feeNQT: This must be "100000000".
  • deadline: Transaction confirmation deadline. Suggested value is 1440.
→You need to wait 2 blocks, NFT will be minted successfully.