Get State

Get the state of the server node and network.

Request: requestType is getState includeCounts is false if the fields numberOf are to be excluded


(N) numberOfPeers is the number of known peers on the network (N) numberOfUnlockedAccounts is the number of unlocked accounts on this node (N) numberOfTransfers is the number of AE transfers in the blockchain (N) numberOfOrders is the number of AE orders in the blockchain (N) numberOfTransactions is the number of transactions in the blockchain (N) maxMemory is the maximum amount of memory the node may use (in Bytes) (B) isScanning is true if this node is scanning the blockchain, false otherwise (S) cumulativeDifficulty is the current cumulative forging difficulty (N) numberOfAssets is the number of AE assets in the blockchain (N) freeMemory is the amount of free memory on this node (in Bytes) (N) availableProcessors is the number of processors on this node (N) totalEffectiveBalanceNxt is the total effective Balance of the network (N) numberOfAccounts is the number of accounts in the blockchain (N) numberOfBlocks is the number of blocks (height + 1) in the blockchain (S) version is the software version on this node (N) numberOfBidOrders is the number of AE bid orders in the blockchain (S) lastBlock is the last block address (N) totalMemory is the amount of memory this node is using (in Bytes) (S) application is the name of the software running on this node (typically CFW) (N) numberOfAliases is the number of aliases in the blockchain (N) lastBlockchainFeederHeight is the height of the last blockchain feeder (N) numberOfTrades is the number of AE trades in the blockchain (N) time is the current node time (in seconds since the genesis block) (N) numberOfAskOrders is the number of AE ask orders in the blockchain (S) lastBlockchainFeeder is the announced name of the feeder of the last blockchain (N) requestProcessingTime is the API request processing time (in millisec)

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